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Class Giving Projects

Lincoln alumni are leaders that embody Lincoln pride. This enables alumni to introduce projects and scholarships that keep student and university success at the forefront. 

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Scholarship Projects

Lincoln is committed to helping a greater number of academically qualified students graduate than ever through our scholarship offerings.

Athletics Projects

Lincoln considers physical education, recreational sports, and intercollegiate athletics an integral part of every student's education. Your investment allows Lincoln to support its competitive athletic program at a reasonable cost with equal opportunity for participation of men and women.

Faculty Projects

Lincoln faculty is a diverse, dedicated, and distinguished group that prides themselves on their work and student success. Help Lincoln faculty and students succeed in department projects.

Research Projects

Lincoln is committed to supporting and sustaining a highly competitive academic research environment. Our students and faculty take on advanced projects with world-class results.

Special Interest Projects

Special interest projects fund(s) support initiatives that enhance or impact the quality of life for Lincoln students. These funds are usually innovative and unique in character in that they typically support a one-time project.

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